Firstly we would say that Karate is not just another after school activity for children. Whilst we feel that activities such as football, ballet and horse riding for example are all great fun for children to be involved with and certainly should be tried and tested, Karate is all about a child's personal development through the physical discipline of Karate.


Our exciting, yet structured and disciplined classes, teach children how to focus their attention which improves their ability to learn. We have found that learning builds a real sense of accomplishment in children and with each new accomplishment a child's self-confidence will grow.


Our children's karate programme is designed for all children from five years plus and the curriculum has been built around good, strong foundations in technique along with positive life skills development.


The programme works hand in hand with a child's schoolwork, improving self-discipline, focus, mental alertness, self-confidence and learning to set and achieve attainable goals.