• Lightweight, portable, inflatable punch bag
    • Rebounds back to its original position when hit
    • 360º accessibility for cardio and agility training
    • Fill base for stability and inflate main chamber
    • 150cm total height and 87cm circumference

Blitz Inflatable Punch Bag

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  • Ideal for children to practice their Martial Art without the risk of injury and perfect for adults to blow off some steam, the portable Blitz Inflatable Punch Bag is designed to improve coordination and reflexes whilst burning the calories. Suitable for indoor and outdoor training, this punch bag provides a great workout, incorporating full 360° accessibility for cardio and agility training, as the punch bag rebounds back into its original standing position when hit. The Inflatable Punch Bag features two inflatable chambers that can be filled through two valves. Fill the base with sand or water for stability and inflate the main chamber with air. Lightweight, practical and easy to store. Made from PVC. Total height: 150cm. Circumference of tower: 87cm. Height of base: 30cm. Circumference of base: 150cm.Please note: Fill the base of the punch bag as full as possible with water/sand before inflating the main chamber with air. It is recommended that water is used when outside and sand is used when indoors.